How to Maintain Your Inverter Battery for Better Performance?

The Inverter battery is the major backbone of any Inverter, without which you cannot store the energy (electricity) for use in case of a power failure.

Owing to its importance, you’ll have to take proper care of the inverter battery to improve its performance (output) as well the life span.

Of-course, you can’t see them regularly like your refrigerator or kitchen chimney, but scheduling a few hours of your time once every 2 to 3 months towards the maintenance of your inverter battery isn’t a big deal.

After all, they are helping us live comfortably with uninterrupted power supply throughout the year and can’t we give back to its maintenance, which in turn benefits us in the form of repair costs?

Maintenance Tips to Increase Life of Inverter Battery

Well, in this article, let us find out how to properly take care of an inverter battery without professional’s help.

Pro-Tip: Always, get the Best Home Inverter for your Inverter Battery and never depend on the Computer UPS Systems to power your regular use appliances.

7 Useful Tips to Maintain Your Inverter Battery at Home

1.Get Proper Ventilation to the Battery

The inverter batteries provide enough power to use our basic electrical appliances like tube lights, fans and even air coolers to some extent.

In this process, they do tend to heat up and hence it is highly advised to keep your inverter battery in an open area with proper ventilation so that the heat could dissipate quickly from the device.

It also reduces the requirement of frequent water filling.

2.Keep it Away from Fire and Smoke

Not just ventilation, you also need to keep your Invert battery away from fire or smoke (ex: kitchen) as it could lead to accidental sparks or bursts.

You should also keep it out of reach from children.

3.Refill the Battery with Only Distilled Water

Every 2 to 3 months, check whether the water level of the battery is normal or not and always use only distilled water to refill the battery.

Some people try to use the rain water or tap water, which is not recommended as it could affect the battery life and performance due to excess impurities and minerals in those waters.

4.Keep the Battery Free from Dust & Rust

Always keep the surface and sides of the Inverter battery clean and dust free using a cotton cloth.

Also see if the vents around the battery are free from dust and are not blocked, which may lead to bursting of battery due to hydrogen gas accumulation.

If you find that the battery terminals get corroded, simply pour baking soda + hot water solution over the corrosive area and clean it using a tooth brush to remove corrosion.

You can then apply either Vaseline or petroleum jelly on the terminals, bolts and nuts to avoid future rusting.

P.S: Rusting of terminals affects the current flow, thereby resulting in slow charging and makes the battery to perform poorly.

5.Use the Battery on a Regular Basis

In order to get the best output from your Inverter battery, it is recommended to use it regularly.

In case if you don’t have frequent power cuts in your area, it is advised to discharge the battery at least once every month and then recharge it again to full capacity.

This way, you could help improve its performance and life.

6.Never Load High Power Devices

The Inverters power systems are ideal for use with simple daily use power appliances like mobile charging, fans, tube-lights etc…

So, never try to use your high power devices like the Inverter air conditioners with Inverter batteries as it could result in decreased performance of the battery.

7.Replace Damaged Battery

Lastly, if you find your battery is dead or damaged, immediately replace it with a new one as the damaged battery may lead to bursting.

Final Word:

Well, these are a few important maintenance tips to take care of your Inverter battery, which you can perform at home without the help from a professional.

Regular maintenance help increase the battery life as well the performance of the Inverter battery.

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  1. I just followed your tips and they are actually working. Now my battery backup has been improved a little. Will update about it again after a month. Thanks.

  2. Yes, maintenance is the key to long battery life. I just recently understood its importance after my inverter battery got exploded due to nil maintenance. Thanks, will try to properly take care of my battery from now onward.


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