Best Kitchen Chimneys in India: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

No Indian modular kitchen can be called complete without installing the best kitchen chimney.

We, Indians are extremely font of spicy foods that are full of oils. It is not a crime to enjoy these tasty foods at home.

But, the after-effects of your cooking is what matters.

Generally, the oil, grease, soot etc are spread across your kitchen walls, ceiling and cupboards after the cooking. And, the regular exhaust fans can’t efficiently eliminate them.

And, that is where the Kitchen Chimneys come handy.

Chimney Installed in the Kitchen at Home

These chimneys make use of their suctioning power to breathe-in all the smoke, gases etc.. and release it to the exterior using the duct pipe, thus making your kitchen clean and green.

Our HighMark Team has visited several homes, both with and without a chimney in the kitchen. And, when we compared both, the kitchens with the chimney installed are much cleaner than those without it.

You can refer our Chimney Buying Guide to get a complete understanding about the latest kitchen chimneys for your home.

Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2020

Listed below are the most efficient auto clean kitchen chimney brands in India, ideal for large and small kitchens.

Kitchen Chimney ModelSuction PowerAuto-CleanFiltersIdeal for?
1.Elica 90cm Auto Clean Chimney1200 m3/hrYes2 Baffle FiltersLarge Kitchen; 3 to 5 Burners
2.Eurodomo 90cm Chimney1200 m3/hrYesStainless steel baffle filters3 to 5 burner gas stoves
3.Sunflame 90cm Ductless Chimney1100 m3/hrYesBaffle filter & oil collector3 to 5 Burners
4.Hindware Nevio 90 AutoClean Chimney1200 m3/hrYesBaffle filter2 to 4 Burner
5.Faber 60cm Ductless Kitchen Chimney1295 m3/hrYes2 Triple Layer Baffle Filter2 to 4 Burner
6.Elica 60cm Chimney1100 m3/hrNoBaffle Filter2 to 4 Burner
7.Elica Pyramid 60cm Chimney875 m3/hrNoBaffle FilterSmall Kitchen; 2 Burner

Tip: Use only the natural ingredients to clean your chimney filters, in case of manual models so that they’ll last longer.

Best Auto-Clean Chimneys for Indian Kitchens

1.Elica Auto Clean Chimney (90 cm 1200 m3/hr)

Elica is one of the best kitchen chimney brands in India that manufacture products with powerful suction and elegant design.

This is one of the best kitchen chimneys under 15000 rupees with auto-clean feature and touch control support.

Elica Auto Cleaning Kitchen Chimney

The main highlight of the Elica chimney is the automatic cleaning with the push of a single button.

All the residue like oil particles are then collected into a tray, which can then be removed for easy cleaning, once in a month or two.

This kitchen chimney comes equipped with 2 LED lamps underneath to provide perfect lighting while cooking. These lights won’t use more than 3 watts of power. So, no worries.

The chimney also uses less power (180 watts) and produces 58dB, which is very less compared to other models.

You’ll be getting a 1-year product warranty and 5-years motor warranty.

  • This wall mounted chimney comes with auto-clean feature
  • The suction power is 1200 m3/hr (> 200 sq.ft kitchen)
  • It comes with 90cm hood which ideal for 3-5 burner stove
  • It has 2 baffle filters
  • Curved glass design; wall mounted
  • Touch panel control
  • Max noise: 58 dB
  • 180-watt power consumption
  • Price: under 15000
  • Installation is not free

2.Eurodomo Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney (Onyx PB BK 60)

Eurodomo is popular European kitchen appliance brand that produces sinks, chimneys, cooktops etc…

They’ve been in the business for the past 15 years and are known for their build quality and after-sales support (provided by Faber India).

eurodomo onyx auto clean chimney

The Onyx PB BK 60 comes with elegant looks and tempered glass finishing (black color), which adds additional look to your modern kitchen.

The chimney comes with auto clean technology and has suction capacity of 1200 m3/hour, which is more than enough for traditional Indian kitchens.

The 90 cm size is suitable for 3 to 5 burner gas stoves.

It also comes with 2 LED lights to use when cooking under low light conditions.

The touch panel provided on the dashboard makes it easy to operate the chimney even for beginners.

It produces around 58dB of noise while in the working state and it may be a bit irritating for some people.

You’ll be getting 1-year warranty on the product and 5-years on the motor.

  • Suction capacity: 1200 m3/hr
  • Size: 90cm
  • Ideal for: 3 to 5 burner gas stoves
  • Auto-clean feature
  • Premium black finish with tempered glass
  • 2 LED lights
  • Touch control panel
  • Stainless steel baffle filters
  • Free installation provided
  • Makes some noise
  • No user manual

3.Sunflame 90cm 1100 m3/hr Auto Clean Ductless Chimney

Sunflame is another popular brands in India, known for their variety of kitchen appliances, especially the stoves.

Sunflame 90cm Ductless Chimney

This is a ductless chimney that is very portable and have less installation costs.

It comes with a suction capacity of 1100 m3/hr and is suitable for medium kitchen sizes with 3 to 4 burner stoves.

It comes with advanced auto-clean feature and can easily be operated using the touch controls.

The baffle and charcoal filter ensures the oil residue does not block the air flow.

You’ll need to clean the filters once every 6 months for proper functioning of the device.

  • It comes a 90cm hood (ideal for mid-large kitchen stoves)
  • Auto-clean facility
  • Suction power is 1100 m3/hr
  • Comes with touch controls
  • Easy to operate
  • It has baffle filters and oil collector as well
  • You can either opt for 90cm or 60cm chimney
  • Comes with 2 LED lights for illumination
  • 2 years warranty
  • Price: under 15000
  • A bit noisy at times

4.Hindware Nevio 90cm Auto Clean Chimney

Hindware has been in the business for over 60 years and is committed to manufacture products with best quality and advanced technology.

Their lineup of devices ranges from sanitary ware to kitchen appliances.

Hindware Nevio Auto Clean Chimney for Kitchen

The Hindware Nevio Kitchen Chimney comes with auto cleaning feature and baffle filters.

It has a suction power of 1200 m3/hr and is ideal for 2 to 4 burner stove.

The one touch control panel makes it easy to operate. With just a single button click, the oil residues that were stuck on the baffle will be collected into the oil container box.

The metallic blower is connected to the duct system, making it efficient and less noisy.

The Nevio 90cm chimney is equipped with 2 LED lamps for extra lighting while cooking.

This is the best chimney for Indian kitchen under 15000 INR.

  • You can choose between 60cm and 90cm model
  • It has high suction power of 1200 m3/hr
  • Ideal for >200 sq.ft kitchen with 2 to 4 burner stove
  • Comes with touch panel with easy to understand controls
  • The hob is made up of stainless steel material and hence it is rust proof
  • Curved glass design
  • Max noise: 58dB
  • 1 year warranty on product; 5 years on motor
  • Installation is charged separately

5.Faber 60cm Ductless Kitchen Chimney

Faber is an established brand in the world when it comes to kitchen appliances.

It comes with unique 3D Y2S2 technology that offers 3-way suctioning feature.

Faber Kitchen Chimney 3D Technology

The suction capacity of this chimney is 1295 m3/hour, which is suitable for kitchen size > 200 sq.ft and/or heavy riling or frying.

There are 2 triple-layer baffle filters that require cleaning only once in 6 months.

It comes with a push button interface and is ductless (doesn’t require ducting pipe). It simply recirculates the air and is good for removing odor (bad smell) in the kitchen.

This wall mounted chimney makes up to 58dB of noise, which is a bit similar when compared to other models.

  • Ductless kitchen chimney
  • Ideal for 2-4 burner stove
  • Suction capacity – 1295 m3/hr
  • 2 triple layer Baffle filters
  • Push button control
  • Baffle filter requires cleaning every 6 months
  • Max noise: 58dB
  • 1 year on product; 12 years on motor
  • A bit pricey for a 60cm model (under 13000)

6.Elica 60 cm 1100 m3/hr Kitchen Chimney

This one of the best small kitchen chimneys under 10000 rupees that comes with glass and stainless steel body.

Elica Auto Cleaning Kitchen Chimney

This Elica chimney comes with a suction capacity of 1100 m3/hour and is suitable for small kitchens with a 2 burner stove.

The control panel comes with a push button to operate the device. There are 2 LED lamps underneath the hood.

It consumes about 230 watts of power, which is very reasonable.

The design is classy and definitely complements your kitchen interiors.

It comes with a product warranty up to 1 year and motor warranty up to 5 years.

  • Wallmounted
  • Curved glass design
  • Size: 60cm hood (ideal for kitchen with 2 stove burner)
  • Suction power: 1100 m3/hr
  • Push button control
  • 5 years on motor and 1 year on product
  • A bit noisy at times
  • Installation charge extra

7.Elica Pyramid BF Chimney 60cm, 875 m3/hr

The Elica Pyramid BF is another good kitchen chimney under 5000 rupees.

Elica Pyramid Chimney 60cm Size

This 60cm wall mount chimney is ideal for small kitchen with 2 burner stove.

The suction capacity is also a bit less, which is why the lesser price.

There are 2 Incandescent lights that consume 40w each, in case if you need extra lighting while cooking.

It also consumes very less power (130 w) when used continuously for an hour.

If you’re looking for a decent chimney for tiny kitchen under a budget, then this is just for you.

  • It comes with 60cm hood and is ideal for small kitchen
  • Suction capacity – 875 m3/hr
  • Baffle filter
  • Push button control
  • 130 Watts power consumption
  • 1 year on product; 5 years on motor
  • Installation charge is separate
  • A bit noisy at times

Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide

Selecting the best chimney for Indian kitchen is not a big deal if you carefully go through this step-by-step buying guide.

In the western countries where cold climates occur more often, fireplace chimneys are available.

But, you won’t see such chimneys in India.

Let us now look into the different aspects of buying a chimney for your kitchen.

1.Types of Kitchen Chimneys

There are three different types of kitchen chimneys to choose from, namely:

A] Wall Mounted Chimney

These are the basic or common type of chimneys used in India or anywhere in the world for that matter.

Since, most Indian kitchens have the platforms built adjacent to the walls, these wall mounted kitchen chimneys are highly in demand.

Best Wall Mounted Chimney India

They usually come with ducts (pipes) that help release the smoke to the outside.

You also have the ductless chimneys that are easy to install as they come without the pipe to release the smoke to the exterior.

Ductless chimneys purify the air and release back into the kitchen itself. Unfortunately, they’re not such efficient compared to ducting chimneys.

B] Straight Line Chimney

If your kitchen have less space, then you can install these straight line chimneys that extend halfway over the cooking range.

Straight-Line Kitchen Chimney

The main advantage of these type of chimneys is that they provide you with extra overhead storage to keep your utilities.

C] Auto Clean Chimney

Generally, since the chimneys do a lot of hardwork of eliminating the gases, they require regular cleaning to remove the soot and the grime.

And, as you know, Indians are font of spicy oily foods which usually stick to the filters, thereby affecting the chimney’s normal functioning.

Best Auto Clean Chimney in India

Luckily, these auto clean kitchen chimneys come with auto-cleaning feature. That means, you don’t have to remove the filters and clean them.

Just pour 500 ml of water into the reservoir of the chimney and after using it for a couple of weeks, simply press the ‘auto clean’ button.

That’s all! Your chimney cleans itself automatically without you dismantling the filters.

If you love cooking different variety of dishes and have no minimum budget, then these kitchen chimneys with auto clean feature are ideal for your home.

2] Difference between Ducting Chimney and Ductless Chimney

Ducted vs Ductless Chimney

There are many differences between a ducted hood and ductless hood. Let us see them below…

  • Filters: Wire mesh and baffle filters are used in ducting chimney, whereas the ductless chimneys use carbon filters.
  • Performance: According to the stats, ducting chimneys are 30% more efficient when compared with the later. Note that they don’t have the pipe and hence circulates the air back into the kitchen.
  • Suction Power: Ducting hoods usually have higher suction power.
  • Efficiency: It is a no-brainer. Ducting hoods are more efficient.
  • Maintenance: Carbon filters in the ductless hood need regular replacement and hence ducted chimneys are the best.
  • Portability: The one area where the ductless chimney wins as it is easier to transport it from one place to another.
  • Cost: Since the ductless chimneys have less installation costs, they’re cheaper compared to ducting hood.

It is not advised to go for ductless chimney unless until you’ve the kitchen platform away from the wall.

3.Types of Chimney Filters

A] Mesh Filters:

These usually come with multiple layers of either aluminum or stainless steel mesh.

The mesh/cassette filters need regular maintenance/cleaning.

B] Baffle Filter:

These are most commonly used filters in the Indian kitchen chimneys. They come with an advanced aluminum wire mesh and are 30% better than the regular mess filters.

Baffle filters are easier to maintain when compared with mesh filters.

C] Carbon Filter:

As you already know, carbon filters remove bad odor from the room, thereby eliminating any foul smell in your kitchen.

These are used in both duct and ductless chimneys.

And, they need to be replaced every six months.

4.Chimney’s Suction Power

If you don’t know already, a kitchen chimney works by suctioning of the air inside the kitchen and releasing it to the exterior using the duct pipe.

As a general thumb rule, choose a chimney that could extract at least 10x the volume of air in the kitchen.

It is usually mentioned in cubic meter per hour.

The higher the suction power of a chimney, the better it is.

Most Indian kitchens need a minimum suction power of 480 cubic meters to 1250 cubic meters per hour.

5.Size of the Chimney

Generally, you should choose a chimney that is a bigger than your gas stove or cooking range.

Chimney Sizes Compared Side by Side

As a thumb rule, you can choose 60 cm size if you have 2 to 4 burner stove and 90 cm size if you have 3 to 5 burner stove.

6.Distance between Chimney and Gas Stove

You should install the chimney in your kitchen with a gap of minimum 26 inches to max 30 inches between the chimney hood and your gas stove.

Don’t go beyond that height as it will affect the efficiency of the suction.

7.Chimney Care & Maintenance

More than the soot, the Indian kitchen chimneys eliminate foul smell of the oil and grease, which makes the filters full of toxins after using for a couple of weeks.

So, it is highly advised to clean the filters regularly.

If you’ve enough budget, then you can opt for chimneys with removable filter and auto cleaning features.

It will definitely make you tension free of cleaning the chimney yourself.


i]Chimney Filters: If your chimney comes with baffle filters, then you easily detach and clean them using warm water and mild detergent.

But, avoid scrubbing the filters as it could damage it.

ii]Chimney Hood: You also need to clean the hood once a week by using a cloth dipped in detergent liquid.

iii]Blower Shield: And, when it comes to cleaning the blower shield, you should definitely seek the help of an authorized chimney cleaner. Cleaning it yourself without the knowledge might damage the blower shield, which may result in loss of warranty.

9.Kitchen Chimney FAQs

1.What are the popular kitchen chimney brands in India?

Here are the best kitchen chimney brands in India in 2020 – Elica, Faber, Hindware, Eurodomo, Sunflame, Bosch, Glen, Seavy.

2.Are chimneys really useful for kitchen?

Of-course, Yes! When you’re in a closed environment like the kitchen, all the smoke, gases, dust particles etc… present in the air will make you uneasy and the chimneys help eliminate these completely and provide you with a clean and fresh environment in the kitchen. They even remove bad odor from the air.

3.How to install a chimney in your kitchen?

Generally, most companies provide installation support by charging extra, while a few brands like Eurodomo provide free installation.

In case, if you don’t want to spend extra on installation, then you do it yourself by following the below steps.

1.Gather the required tools – large hole drilling machine and a regular drill bit machine.
2.Now, drill the holes properly as per the user manual (it varies from one brand to another).
3.Fix the chimney in the desired location (above the stove) and fit the screws and nuts tightly.
4.Insert one end of the duting pipe into the large hole while the other end into the chimney.
5.Make sure you seal the both ends using the duct tape to avoid any leakage of air or dust while functioning.
6.Now, connect the wires to the switch board and turn the switch.

That’s all! Your kitchen chimney is now installed and ready to use. In case you find the installation process difficult, you can always contact the authorized technician to do it for you.

4.How to clean the filters in a kitchen chimney?

If you’ve bought the auto-clean chimney for kitchen, then all you need is to clean the oil collector box by removing it separately, which is very easy.

You can either use a soap or detergent to get rid of the oil residue, let it dry and fit it back into the chimney (read the manual to know how to remove the box).

5.Should I clean my chimney regularly?

Yes, you should clean your chimney regularly as the excess dust particles would affect the suction capacity of the machine and also increases the noise.

6.How to calculate the suction requirements to buy the kitchen chimney?

Knowing the chimney suction requirement is very easy. But, before proceeding with the calculation, first measure your kitchen area.

For example, if your kitchen is 10×12 with 10 feet ceiling height, then it measures up to 1200 cubic feet or 34 cubic meter (10 x 12 x 10).

And, let us suppose the air should be cleaned at least 20 times in a hour, then 34 x 20 = 680 would be the minimum suction power your kitchen chimney should have.

In case if you regular cook deep fried meals or grilling, then the suction power should be much higher.

Hope you understood the calculation.

Final Words:

Hope this buying guide will help you select the best kitchen chimney in India.

If you’ve any more doubts regarding the purchase of kitchen chimneys for your home, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments and we’d like to help you.

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